Ok… boys & girls if you’re here it means you want to buy something…It means that you want someone to draw something… And I am that someone.  Now I’ve a huge array of options for you my friend, my motto is:

An illustration for everyone

I can understand that if this is yout first time giving a commission to an artist it can be a little daunting. That’s why I’ve created this page. In here I will put some EXAMPLES of work and how much I will ask for a price. If you need something that is not similar to the others products send me an e-mail and I will give you an estimation of the price.  If you have doubts there is my manifesto and F.A.Q.

10 €/ 11 $ / 8 £

Concept for a mascotte. Black and white, made with a pentel brush pen. A4 format.

15 €/ 17 $ / 13 £

Illustrations:”Creative process”. Black and White. made with pentel brush and faber castel big brush pen. A4 format

20 €/ 23$ / 18 £

Illustration:”Searching for treasure”. Black and white. Made with a pentel brush pen, faber castell big brush pen and g-pen. 
A4 format.

30 €/ 34 $ / 27 £

Illustrations:”Breaking chains” for “Lalanternarossa“. Black and white, plus red color, made with pentel brush pen and faber castel pitt artis brush pen red and black, g-pen. 50x70cm / 19,6×27,5 in format

30 €/ 34 $ / 27 £

Illustrations:”Dwarf drunken battle”. Analogical inking and digital coloration. A3 format

60 €/ 68 $ / 53 £

Illustrations:”The Huntress”. Pentel brush pen, g-pen, watercolor, watercolor pencils,faber castel pitt artist pens. 50x70cm / 19,6×27,5 in format