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It doesn’t matter the subject, what you need or your budget I can draw something for you

If you want to work with me this phrase, my portfolio and commissions options is all you needs to know, but if you want to know more about myself and the person you will work with, keep reading.

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I’ve always liked to draw, in highschool and elementary school I’ve always tried to draw whenever I could. But five years ago, when I was near finishing highschool I asked myself this question, like all of us:

“What I want to do for work? What I want to do for practically the rest of my life?”

My answer was that I wanted to draw, I wanted to let became my passion my dream my “work” and earn enough to live with it. And I’ve started to train and entered the Accademy of Fine Arts and I obtained a degree in Painting, in which I learned proportions, anatomy, color theory and everything that can help our little collaboration. 
Finally with the help of my parents, friends and especially teachers I can proudly say that I’ve started from the left and I’ve arrived to the right.

Immagine 00
Ultra rare mock up cover design for the story "Trader"... So much wow so much pricey 10k€... Only once in all the universe, don't lose this offer! Buy now!
"Trader", A3, digital.

There is a travel of ten years between those two images… A travel in which I’ve putted a lot of hard work to improve my skills and my narrative as a visual narrator. When you hire me you hire 10 years of training and passion.

Now if even after my burst of sincerity (n.d.a.:sorry) you still want to work with me (n.d.a.:Ehi at least you know I will not lie to you…) you can check my portfolio and my commissions options. If you’re a little bit confused (n.d.a.: don’t worry I’m confused to) there is my F.A.Q. .
If you’re an old client and forgot my e-mail…here it is… lennybunny93@gmail.com