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Little sophia escaping world

Little Sophia is trapper in another world, by a monster who wants to convert her to the Ancient Gods the Little Snake.

Originals 29,7X42CM, charcoal, watercolored pencils and white acrylic.

Black and white

"Campfire relax", A4, 20€
Lennybunny-creative block
"Creative problem", A4, 15€
Lennybunny-searching treasure
"Searching for treasure", A4, 20€
Lennybunny-flowing creativity
"Flowing creativity", A4, 15€


"The huntress", 50x70cm, watercolor and faber castel artist pens, 60€
Pipotto Fattaposta and the smith pendant - cover - no text
"Pipotto Fattaposta and the smith pendant" cover, no text, digital, 50€
"The little astronaut", 35x25cm, mixed media, 60€
Immagine 201 - Mushroom boat
"Mushroom boat", 3508x3508px, digital, 20€
Lennybunny-Relaxing girl
"Relaxing fly", 2480x3508 px, digital, 25€
"For the loot!", 2477 × 3117, 40€

If you want to see my others works you can find more of them on my instagram or Artstation page. Every price you will see here is and indicative price regarding commissions not about the sellings of prints.

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(P.s.: you can use the LQ image in this portfolio for non commercial uses as long as you credit me. A little freebie ;3)