Ah… yes the F.A.Q…. the moment in which I will answer questions no one asked so that no one will ever ask them

Q:Do you work for free?

A: Nope, sorry I need to buy food to live.

Q:Not even for a tiny beetsy drawing of my nephew/niece/sister/apache elicopter?

A: The only free thing that can I give you is this   <3

Q:What’s your deegre?

A: Ok… I’ve deegre in Painting in the Academy of fine Arts of Rome. But I’ve taken extra courses in graphic art-engraving, classical drawing, 2d/3d animation, artistic anatomy.

Q:What you’re doing right now?

A: I’m studying Illustration and Publishing in the Academy of fine Arts of Rome. It means, in a nutshell, that I can give you classical arts and digital art in a complete sexy and awesome package! ù.ù

Q:Ok… but…What’s your name?

A: For privacy reasons I can’t tell you my name or cellphone but you can contact me easily via message

Q:How do I send you a messagge?

A: You have three options:
my email,via my facebook or instagram page

Q:Ok… how does this work? What I need to send you in the message?

A: Well.. firstly say “Hi”… I think? For the rest just write what you want me to draw. If you have it, some reference images that I can use to understand better what you want

Q:So… I just write whatever I want?

A: Practically yes… Just let me know what you want.

Q:But… But… If I want something NSFW?

A: Not a problem, I kinkshame no one, but I will NOT draw anything ILLEGAL! The only thing you will need to pay 50% more of the price. Unfortunately I live  with less understanding people… So if I’m drawing NSFW materials I will need to draw in odd hours, like the night or early in the morning and so on. I will work harder… so it means Iwill let you pay an additional fee.
For an example if it is a 10€ piece you will pay 15€. Easy no?

(This added fee will be removed in the case I will finally have enough money to go to live alone)

Q:How will be the process of working with you?

A: Completely painless. There will be a first stage in which I will let you see some loose pencil drawing and we will decide the details of the illustration/drawing (in the case is needed). After this I will make a more refined sketch. At this point BEFORE starting the final piece I will ask you to pay me. Only and ONLY after the drawing/illustration is decided in the details and I’m payed I will start the finished product. In this stage if you want to change something you will need to pay an extra (10€), but usually it doesn’t happen because I’m always sure in the sketch phase that you will be happy with the final product.

Q:How does the payment work?

A: Simple and clean my friend. I will send to you via e-mail a paypal link to pay. In this way this site will not store your data, and the transaction will be dealed by professionals.
Now sing along with me… THIS SITE DOESN’T STORE YOUR DATA!

Q:Wait… if you don’t store data… How can you know how much people will go on your website?

A: Simple… I will not. I didn’t find a way to analyze those data while respecting your privacy. So i prefered to not know. Simple no?

Q:Do you ship your work?

A: Yes, but you will need to pay for the shipping service at arrival. For two reasons. The first is simple, I don’t earn enough money to amortize the shipping cost. The second is a more strange reason, if the shipping service is payed when they give you the package they will try they hardest to give you the package.
You can choose your favourite shipping service.

Q:But this will cost me a lot?!

A: It depends… I’m in Italy if you’re in the U.S.A. or Australia the shipping cost will be roughly 90-150€/102-170$/80-133£. This is an OPTIONAL service you can still have your work sended via e-mail digitally on 300dpi-600dpi.

Q:If I’m not paying for the phisical object for what I’m paying for?

A: Your paying for my craftmanship in creating illustrations/comics/drawings. You will have your drawing/illustration/comic/cover but digitally,  because I don’t want you to pay a s**t ton of money. If you pay me 10€ and you will pay 100€ of shipping service… You will need to pay 110€ for a A4 black and white drawing… Even me, as the artist, I will be enraged by it.

Q:But I want the phisical copy but I don’t want to pay for the shipping service!

A: You’re a greedy person you know it? ù.ù 
We can have an arrangement of sort…. You pay me a little extra (+25%, so if something is 10€ you will pay me 12,5€) and you can print it wherever you want a single time ok?
Or you pay me less (25% even this time). Your choice.