Clip Studio Paint by Example

Gain insights into the essential tools and workflows for creating a professional portfolio using Clip Studio Paint

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CSP color check

Ehi!Did you ever wondered what all those blending modes do? Now you can easily know, thanks to this easy to use file. Adding to that you can use the Auto action file to automatically change everything you see.

Why they're different

My brushes are different from other brush maker for one simple reason they use multiple brush tips, with a minimum of five brush tips, that will be applied randomly on your brush. Meaning that you will have less repetition on your brush stroke.

Here’s a better example using the Acrylic Texture Brush LB. As you can see at the same size brushstroke with a single brush tip you have nine repetition in the stroke, while in a multiple brush tip only two! Meaning that you will not find yourself feeling that you’re working with something digital.

How to add them

Adding them to your CSP it’s pretty easy just take the .SUT file and click and drag it inside your Sub Tool group palette

How they're named

Pretty easy
DB = Dual Brush, meaning that it uses the new feature of CSP Dual Brush. Those brushes CAN’T mix colors.
Dual Color = Means that they use two colors. To use them effectively you need to choose both main and sub color.
LB = Well… it’s just my name Lennybunny….

How they work

They work pretty easily, you select them and you paint with them. But maybe you’re not satisfied with the feeling…
I’ve a pretty light hand so all the pressure curve are based on this, and probably you will want to change them to create a better experience for you no? It’s pretty easy to do. I’ve put all the option you need to change in the Tool Property palette, so you just need to go in there and click on the Pen Dynamics button and modify the curve to your liking. You can find the button at the right of the setting.