Ah… yes the F.A.Q…. the moment in which I will answer questions no one asked so that no one will ever ask them.
I will be completely honest on answering these questions.

Dumb questions

Q:Do you work for free?

A: Nope, sorry I need to buy food to live.

Q:Not even for a tiny beetsy drawing of my nephew/niece/sister/apache elicopter?

A: The only free thing that can I give you is this   <3

General & Process

Q:What’s your deegre?

A: Ok… I’ve Bachelor deegre in Painting and a Master deegre in Illustration and Art Books at the Academy of fine Arts of Rome. But I’ve taken extra courses in graphic art-engraving, classical drawing, 2d/3d animation, artistic anatomy.

Q:What you’re doing right now?

A: I’m doing freelance work

Q:Ok… but…What’s your name?

A: My name is Ludovico, put I’ve nickname because… well… I don’t know too…

Q:How do I send you a messagge?

A: You have three options:
my email,via my facebook or instagram page

Q:Ok… how does this work? What I need to send you in the message?

A: Well.. firstly say “Hi”… I think? For the rest just write what you want me to draw. If you have it, some reference images that I can use to understand better what you want

Q:So… I just write whatever I want?

A: Practically yes… Just let me know what you want.

Q:But… But… If I want something NSFW?

A: Not a problem, I kinkshame no one, but I will NOT draw anything ILLEGAL! The only thing you will need to pay 50% more of the price. Unfortunately I live  with less understanding people… So if I’m drawing NSFW materials I will need to draw in odd hours, like the night or early in the morning and so on. I will work harder… so it means Iwill let you pay an additional fee.
For an example if it is a 10€ piece you will pay 15€. Easy no?

(This added fee will be removed in the case I will finally have enough money to go to live alone)

Q:And if I want you to draw my comic book or the illustrations for my book?

A: Hell yeah I will do it! The price for the illustrations will be the same price shown in commissions. In the case of a comic book it depends on page number and tecnique… Roughly can cost you from 10€ to 100€ at page. Think in these terms… The more time I will put in it the more will cost to you.  In the case you’re a publishing house… send me an e-mail with the details of the work I will try to answer you as fast as possible.

Q:How will be the process of working with you?

A: Completely painless. There will be a first stage in which I will let you see some loose pencil drawing and we will decide the details of the illustration/drawing (in the case is needed). After this I will make a more refined sketch. At this point BEFORE starting the final piece I will ask you to pay me. Only and ONLY after the drawing/illustration is decided in the details and I’m payed I will start the finished product. In this stage if you want to change something you will need to pay an extra (10€), but usually it doesn’t happen because I’m always sure in the sketch phase that you will be happy with the final product.


Q:How does the payment work?

A: Simple and clean my friend. I will send to you via e-mail a paypal link to pay. In this way this site will not store your data, and the transaction will be dealed by professionals.
Now sing along with me… THIS SITE DOESN’T STORE YOUR DATA!

Q:Wait… if you don’t store data… How can you know how much people will go on your website?

A: Simple… I will not. I didn’t find a way to analyze those data while respecting your privacy. So i prefered to not know. Simple no?

Q:It’s the same for your store?

A: Yes, all the transaction will be made via Gumroad. I will not store a single information from you credit card.

Q:When my payment for you store items will be processed?

A: All the transaction will be processed surely on the first sunday after your purchase. So if you ordered something at monday 21/10 you will need to wait till sunday 27/10 for your order to be processed

Q:Wait… Why it isn’t processed immediately?

A: Because on how the system works. Printful charge money to me to start printing and shipping. They have a virtual wallet in which you can put money for the payment. If those money runs out I need to recharge this virtual wallet. If your order isn’t processed immediately that’s the reason, I only need to put money on my Printful virtual wallet. So there isn’t any problem with your payment… You will only have a delay of 5 days at most because of this, this delay is completely unrelated to the time period for the reshipping or the refund of your purchase.


Q:How does the shipping from your store works?

A: The shipping is managed from Printful, so I don’t manage in a direct way the shipping. But you will still receive a tracking number so you will know the status of you package.

Q:How much time I will need to wait?

A: Usually 3 working weeks, in the worst case scenario 4 working weeks. Printful say that they will need from 2 to 5 days to print your order. And the shipping will take from 3 to 14 days to arrive based on where you live.
Just remember this I do not hold any type of guilt in the case the product doesn’t arrive on time. I’m not the one who ships the items… Is Printful. So for every problem I need to talk with their client service and try to resolve with them the problem.

Reshipping items
and Refunds

Remember that every time constraint for reship and refund needs to be calculated on C.E.T. time zone

Q:How does a refund work?

A: I can understand that you can’t make every client satisfied. So it’s normal that a refund could happen, but because I’m a single starting professional artist and not a company, even a single refund can cripple my wallet. So this is how it will works… I will see if your elligible for a reship of the item by contacting Printful. If you’re elligible you will receive for free a reship of the item by Printful. In the case it some mistake happen again I will see the case if I see that there isn’t any error by your part I will give you a refund.
The general rule is: “If you’re not elligible for the reship I will not give you a refund.

Q:So I can’t make any error?

A: Exactly… If you wanted an S size of a shirt and you order by mistake an L size… I can’t give neither a reship nor a refund. Because was a mistake made by your side.

Q:Ok but what happen if there is some problem in a grey area? Like the shipping service says the the package arrived but I didn’t find it?

A: That’s a little bit tricky I must say. In this precise case if this happened AFTER the reship of the item I will give you a refund. In the case it happens BEFORE the reshipping… You will not receive neither the reshipping nor the refunds of the item. For others grey area cases please E-mail and we will find a solution.

Q:How does reshipping an item works?

A: You will contact me with an E-mail telling me the problem WITHIN ONE WEEK  after the item arrived. After that I will send to Printful an e-mail in which I will explain what happened and they will reship the item to you, for free.

Q:What I need to do if the product is damaged?

A: First… if you see your package damaged make a photo of the package first… Just do it. I repeat… MAKE A PHOTO of the DAMAGED PACKAGE. If you don’t do it I can’t garante that Printful will accept to reship the item, if that happen I will neither give a refund.

Q:What I need to do if the t-shirt is misprinted?

A: Send me an E-mail with an image with the misprinted T-Shirt WITHIN ONE WEEK  after the item arrived. I will send an e-mail to Printful they will see if I sended the right files in the right format etc. If Printful said that I sended a wrong file or I’ve done something wrong by my part I will refund you or reship the item for free. If Printful say that by my part everything was done correctly you will have a free reship of the item.

Q:What I need to do if the package is lost?

A: Send me an E-mail with extimated time of arrival, I will control if the shipping service says that the item arrived… In the case is not arrived I will contact Printful and see if they will give you a free reship of the item. To make an example if you ordered a T-Shirt and the estimated time of arrival is on 25/10 is 29/10 and the package is not arrived send me an E-mail as fast as possible. I will accept e-mails that are WITHIN 10 DAYS FROM THE ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL.  If, like in the example before, the estimated time of arrival was 25/10 you will have only until  midnight of the 4th november to send me an e-mail.

Q:Basically… whatever is the problem I need to send to you an E-mail?

A:Yes exactly… For every problem send me an E-mail.