Bunny store

If you’re here it means that you want to buy a product… I’m really glad of it… But before buying I need to remember you these things.
(This is a quick recap if you want a more in-deep explanation go to the F.A.Q.)

Buying recap

. I will not store any data from your credit card.

.The transaction will be made via Gumroad.

. If the order is not processed immediately the order will be processed the first sunday evening
after you ordered something.
(example:  if you ordered something at monday 21/10 you will need to wait till sunday 27/10 for your order to be processed)
(more information on why it could happen in the F.A.Q.)

. Your order will arrive in 3-4 working weeks circa after being processed.

.Every purchase during the payment will show you the price in dollars.

.Every purchase will show during the check-out of your order the shipment cost
based on your location, number of your items and weight.

(P.s.: and if you can remember… please review the t-shirt or poster in the gumroad page, it will mean a lot to me… Make a poor bunny happy please… ç -ç )



These are the T-Shirts without any illustration with their color name.
This section is created to be sure that you’re satisfied 100% with the feeling of the color of your T-shirt.

Heather Prism Ice Blue
Heather Deep Teal
Dark Grey Heather
Heather Blue
Black Heather
Soft Cream
Heather Prism Peach
Heather Midnight Navy
Size guide



. 71,1 cm
.28 in


. 45,7 cm
.18 in



. 73,7 cm
. 29 in


. 50,8 cm
. 20 in



. 76,2 cm
. 30 in


.  55,9 cm
. 22 in



. 78,7 cm
. 31 in


.  61 cm
. 24 in

Remember that you need to select size and color in the gumroad page!

Care guide

Printed apparel can be machine-washed cold, inside-out on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent and like colors.
Use non-chlorine bleach only when necessary. You shouldn’t use any fabric softeners, or dry-clean the items.
DTG-printed apparel can be tumble-dried on a low cycle, but hang dry works best.
When it comes to ironing, use cool iron inside-out.
Do not iron the print.

“Stagnant Creativity”

“Flying Whale”

“Dwarf Pirate”

“Mushroom heart”

“Sir Mittens destroyer of Yarns”

“Relaxing fly”

“Snail Sales”

“The Huntress”

“Rebirth by Fables”

“Into the Woods”

18€ and 20€

“Festival of the Horned Fly”

“Stagnant creativity”

“Searching for treasure”

“Camping in the woods”

“Flying Whale”

“Creativity Flow”

“For the loot”

“Rebirth by fables”
(temporary name)

“Relaxing fly”

“Dwarf Pirate”

“Dwarf fight”

“Little Astronaut”
(temporary name)


“Lennybunny Sticker”


This is the most important thing that we need to make clear. Because if you want a reshipping of the product it means something went wrong and a sad customer makes a sad bunny.

As a general rule I will follow this:

“If the error is on your part I will not reship the product”

Let’s make an example you wanted a  “T-Shirt – Into the Woods – S Black Heather”. But you’ve selected
“T-Shirt – Into the Woods – L Black Heather”. 
In this case I will not reship the product.

Let’s make another example you wanted a  “T-Shirt – Into the Woods – S Black Heather”. You’ve selected
“T-Shirt – Into the Woods – S Black Heather”.  But you received another product…
Or it arrives a package that it is misprinted or the package is damaged
In this case I will  reship the product

In the case you want a reship  you must send at my e-mail these things WITHIN ONE WEEK after the order is recieved :

1)A photo of the package BEFORE being opened
(in the case of a damaged package)
(If you ever suspect the package was damaged during the shipping make a photo before opening it… Please just do it… do a favour to yourself)

2)A photo of the defective product

In the case you want to reship the product because the package is not arrived you will need to send me an e-mail  WITHIN ONE WEEK after the estimated time of arrival. For an example you ordered a T-Shirt and the estimated time of arrival is on 25/10. Is 29/10 and the package is not arrived… E-mail ASAP ok?

For more precise informations on reships go to the F.A.Q. in the reships section