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Here’s how it will work out, I’m a big fan of the approach we have here in Italy for Art teaching. In which there is tight relationship between history and the more contemporary needs. So in our lessons we will make one hour of practice and I will give you small assingment for home. Every lesson want to be tailored to you, and finishing this mentorship you will have a final project that you can show in your portfolio and method that you can use.


Four points I need to clear off, so you can have a better experience

– My specialties is digital illustration, but I can teach even with real life tecniques

– As a teacher I’m more reccomended to beginners-intermediate levels.

– All the  mentioned times will be based on Italy timezone, CET timezone. Roughly is -8hrs for the U.S.A. and +8hrs for Japan, just to give you an idea

– Because of my approach I will only accept 4 students bi-monthly right now. Right now there are 0/4 students.

 Being said that… let’s start!                                                            


You will pay 450€ in total.Every transaction will be made via Paypal to

1) 50€ in advance to reserve a spot for the first lesson.

2)If you’re sure you want to continue with the mentorship you will need to pay 200€ and we will start with the first 3 lesson.

3)With the last 3 lessons you will need to pay the remaining 200€.



We will have 7 lessons in total, in which at the end you will have a final project.

The lessons will be one hour at week, using Discord, you can choose between 4 time slots:

Tuesday or Thursday at 14:00-15:00 or 17:30-18:30



Here’s how your mentorship will be week by week

1°  Portfolio review, just to know each others. I will give you a prompt that we will explore for the next 6 lessons.
Ex.: A fantasy book cover, a post-apocaliptic survivor, an enchanted forest etc.

2° Basics, I will teach you in some of the area you could lack based on the portfolio review. Like, anatomy, composition, colors etc.

3° Thumbnailing, I will teach you how to create little sketches that you can use to jumpstart your illustration

4° First sketch. We will start creating a first loose sketch of your final illustration

5° Adding values. We will start to add values to your piece using the grisaille tecnique.

6° Adding colors. I will teach you how to add colors to your monochrome piece

7° Final piece, I will teach how to complete your piece using the color base you created.

General stuff 

1) You can drop whenever you want, if you’re not satisfied. But remember I will not refund your payment.
You can drop without paying anything extra at the 1° and 3° lesson

2)A webcam is not required and I don’t have any problem if you want a little privacy. But it can be a little bit more enjoyable looking at each other

3)My main software is Clip Studio Paint, so I can give more advanced tips for this software. But for our lessons you can use everything you like.