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Hi, everybody.

Here's a little tool/asset I use for my comic. Because I love to experiment a lot with the lights inside my comics, I need a fast and reliable way to know how differents colors will react with different lights and shadow based on the blending modes I will use. For an example in the page in the description I wanted to create a twilight lighting and I wanted to spice it up with some blues so i just opened this file and used it to test some colors and how they will react in different situations. I've settled down on a cobalt blue in overlay over a Dark indigo.

How does it work?

It's simple:

  1. Open the file
  2. Click and drag the Auto action file ( .laf ) inside the auto action palette in Clip Studio Paint
  3. Click on the auto action you need

What you get?

You will get a six color palette with overimpressed two colors in all the 28 Blending modes Clip Studio Paint can offer. You can change via auto actions the six color palette and the light/dark tone.

You have an additional two greys backgrounds, a white background and a black background plus black text and white text.


When you use the Change light color and Change dark color it will seem that CSP crashed, don't worry it will just take a while to render.

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