D.D.D. kit is here!

News / 24 February 2022

Hi, everybody

While being bedridden, because of my broken eardrum/ear infection (btw finally I'm felling better), I've discovered a way to create modular decorations in CSP, even in Blender (but for those I will need to wait for the 9 march update)

So I present to you the Dwarf Deco Decoration (D.D.D.)!

But here's the kicker. 

First those are just the first basic 27 base decorations, there are other 54 decorations plus 32 switchers (that will let you switch between different decoration types). With a total amount of 113 decorations that you can use for your drawings.

Here's the real COOL part, except for 27 of those decorations, all of those decorations are SEAMLESS and usable as brush tips!

Meaning that by just changing brush tips you can create a lot (something like 86⁸⁶ ) decorations by just changing brush tips in your brush settings!

Here's few examples 

I will release this pack by saturday evening, so you will be able to buy them with the Artstation store discount.

But if it isn't enough!

I will add at later date:

-SVG files with all the decorations, so you can use them for your Graphic Design works.
-A Blender file with a modular approach on the height AND creation of the decorations, using the geometry nodes. That you can use to apply easily all the decorations on your 3D models!

All of those will be a different version inside the store page. So, you can buy only what you need!

(Because of the asset nature of this pack I will add a Standard/Freelancer/Studio license variants)

Standard license:
-CSP/PNG version 3€/3.36$
-SVG version 4€/4.48$
-3D version 5€/5.60$
-Everything 9€/10$

Freelancer license ( yearly earnings less than 5000€/5596.34$ )

-CSP/PNG version 12€/13,44$
-SVG version 16€/17,92$
-3D version 20€/22.39$
-Everything 36€/40$

Studio license (yearly earnings more than 5000€/5596.34$)

-CSP/PNG version 24€/26.86$
-SVG version 32€/35.82$
-3D version 40€/44.77$
-Everything 72€/80.59$