To everyone asking to buy my artwork

General / 28 February 2024

Now a lot of people keep asking to buy my artwork, now I'm really thankful that a lot of people suddenly discovered an appreciation of my work.

Unfortunately I don't have the time to answer in the same way to all those emails! So, I will just explain here how you can buy my artwork!

That's the only way in which I will sell my artwork... In case you will still send me an email asking to selling you my artworks I will need to conclude that you're shokingly a bot, and you've (again shokingly) trying to commit fraudelent activities like scamming me! Now that would be a very shoking event don't you think?

Just click on the print section

And buy whatever you want!


Watercolor brush set and my first bundle are released!

General / 07 August 2022

I've finally released my watercolor brush set 44 brushes in total, with the same quality of all my other brushes... In a nutshell all brushes have AT least 5 brush tips, giving you a natural feeling while painting

You can find them in my store here:

Here's a couple of examples

Adding to this news... I've released my first product Bundle. It means that you can buy ALL my brushes with a 10% discount


Wacom touch gesture quick fix for CSP

General / 28 February 2022

Hi, everybody. 

Just making this post if someone else needs it.
I just bought and Intuos Pro, because of the touch feature. But as I discovered the touch feature didn't work so well. I couldn't rotate in clockwise direction, and the two finger tap didn't undo, same thing for the one finger light tap for the redo. 

Why? CSP is not at fault here but more Wacom. Practically the touch gestures of the tablet are not "true" touch gesture, like a tablet or a phone, but they are linked to a shortcut. As an example the Zoom in/out is Mouse Wheel. If you click shift and after this you Zoom in/out you will rotate the canvas, because shift+mouse wheel is a modifier shortcut for the rotate tool. 

The main issue is that you can't change, as for my knowledge, this behaviour from the wacom side. So to resolve the issue for the rotate tough gesture, for undo/redo is impossible to fix, you just need to go to File>Shortcut Settings. Go to Menu Commands>View>Rotate/Flip>Rotate right and click on Add shortcut or Edit shortcut. use the touch gesture as for rotating right. Just above you will have Rotate left, do the same but use the rotate left touch gesture.

Hope this was helpful


I will not release new brushes for a while - 2022 roadmap

General / 10 January 2022

Hi, everybody.

Unfortunately I will not be able to create new brush packs for a while. 

I started the year with a pretty bad otitis that put me in bed for practicaly a week, right now I'm able to at least stay seated. Just today I was able to see a doctor, worst case scenario happened, a fully broken eardrums.

I don't know when I will make a full recovery. So, honestly I don't know when I will be able to release new brush packs...

I will use this time to think a little bit more on what I can give to you, to help you creating more awesome art. If you have any kind of input please put a comment below or send a message, I will use them.

My intentions where this

  • Releasing a watercolor brush pack for the middle of february, I never found a good enough watercolor brush pack... So, I said :" it's time to do it by myself"
  • Releasing a dry media brush pack for April circa (Charcoal/Pencils/chalk)
  • Releasing the first brush pack of my All Modular CSP project, practically I found a system to create a fully modular approach to creating backgrounds. From landscapes to Cities. My plan was to release it for Summer 2022 circa.

Those are the W.I.P. I'm doing right now, projects for which I still need to figure out solutions to some problems:

  • A fully 3D posable character with swappable 3D faces. Meaning that the expression will not be a texture but a fully fledged 3D expression.
  • Releasing my first 3D kit for my All Modular CSP project.
  • Creating an easy to use Geometry Nodes for Blender for procedural Buildings/Landscapes. (Plus a guide on how to import them correctly obviously)