Watercolor brush set and my first bundle are released!

General / 07 August 2022

I've finally released my watercolor brush set 44 brushes in total, with the same quality of all my other brushes... In a nutshell all brushes have AT least 5 brush tips, giving you a natural feeling while painting

You can find them in my store here: https://www.artstation.com/a/18867511

Here's a couple of examples

Adding to this news... I've released my first product Bundle. It means that you can buy ALL my brushes with a 10% discount

Watercolor brush set preview!

Work In Progress / 31 July 2022

Hi, everybody. 

I'm happy to announce that for next week I will release my new watercolor brush set! It will be my most massive brush set, just this preview with only HALF of the brushes is 20 brushes circa! And those are only the brushes I created as for now... Yeah there was a lot of work involved.... And I still need to name them...

In the preview you will find some symbols those are pretty easy to understand. 

The one with a pen and some arrows means that it's a soft brush for glazing or soft shadows. The other ones are blur brushes and erasers brushes.

I need your help for my new watercolor brush pack!

Work In Progress / 27 June 2022

Hi, everybody!

A lot of customers requested me a watercolor brush pack... Finally I've the time to make it!

Just comment below what you will want on a watercolor brush pack, go crazy on it and let me worry on making it a reality!

P.s. For now here's my first two brushes

Two new prints

News / 18 May 2022

Hi, Everybody. I've just released two new prints!



A perfectly anatomically accurate bee with flowers

Free brushes for the Dwörf decoration set!

News / 24 March 2022

Hi everybody!

A quick round of news:

  • I added the vector edition of the Modular Dwarf Deco Decoration, you can find it here. It have 7 free decorations so, you can test the pack and see if you like it

  • I've added 20 premade brush to the Raster edition, to let you familiarize a little bit with the pack. Just as a reference point, on how much useful is this decoration pack... I was able to create a well crafted decoration brush pack in like 1hr...

  • I've added 5 free premade brushes. So, you can test them out and see if you like the concept

And with this I bid you farewell!

Wacom touch gesture quick fix for CSP

General / 28 February 2022

Hi, everybody. 

Just making this post if someone else needs it.
I just bought and Intuos Pro, because of the touch feature. But as I discovered the touch feature didn't work so well. I couldn't rotate in clockwise direction, and the two finger tap didn't undo, same thing for the one finger light tap for the redo. 

Why? CSP is not at fault here but more Wacom. Practically the touch gestures of the tablet are not "true" touch gesture, like a tablet or a phone, but they are linked to a shortcut. As an example the Zoom in/out is Mouse Wheel. If you click shift and after this you Zoom in/out you will rotate the canvas, because shift+mouse wheel is a modifier shortcut for the rotate tool. 

The main issue is that you can't change, as for my knowledge, this behaviour from the wacom side. So to resolve the issue for the rotate tough gesture, for undo/redo is impossible to fix, you just need to go to File>Shortcut Settings. Go to Menu Commands>View>Rotate/Flip>Rotate right and click on Add shortcut or Edit shortcut. use the touch gesture as for rotating right. Just above you will have Rotate left, do the same but use the rotate left touch gesture.

Hope this was helpful

New modular decoration brush pack release

News / 28 February 2022

Hi, everybody

I've finally released my first modular decoration pack, you can find it here. Ironically was inspired by a meme I've seen while being bedridden and I was:"Eh... I can do this even while being bedridden". I've installed Blender on my laptop and used the mouse... 

Remember to use the code BUNNYDWORF for a 50% discount

D.D.D. kit is here!

News / 24 February 2022

Hi, everybody

While being bedridden, because of my broken eardrum/ear infection (btw finally I'm felling better), I've discovered a way to create modular decorations in CSP, even in Blender (but for those I will need to wait for the 9 march update)

So I present to you the Dwarf Deco Decoration (D.D.D.)!

But here's the kicker. 

First those are just the first basic 27 base decorations, there are other 54 decorations plus 32 switchers (that will let you switch between different decoration types). With a total amount of 113 decorations that you can use for your drawings.

Here's the real COOL part, except for 27 of those decorations, all of those decorations are SEAMLESS and usable as brush tips!

Meaning that by just changing brush tips you can create a lot (something like 86⁸⁶ ) decorations by just changing brush tips in your brush settings!

Here's few examples 

I will release this pack by saturday evening, so you will be able to buy them with the Artstation store discount.

But if it isn't enough!

I will add at later date:

-SVG files with all the decorations, so you can use them for your Graphic Design works.
-A Blender file with a modular approach on the height AND creation of the decorations, using the geometry nodes. That you can use to apply easily all the decorations on your 3D models!

All of those will be a different version inside the store page. So, you can buy only what you need!

(Because of the asset nature of this pack I will add a Standard/Freelancer/Studio license variants)

Standard license:
-CSP/PNG version 3€/3.36$
-SVG version 4€/4.48$
-3D version 5€/5.60$
-Everything 9€/10$

Freelancer license ( yearly earnings less than 5000€/5596.34$ )

-CSP/PNG version 12€/13,44$
-SVG version 16€/17,92$
-3D version 20€/22.39$
-Everything 36€/40$

Studio license (yearly earnings more than 5000€/5596.34$)

-CSP/PNG version 24€/26.86$
-SVG version 32€/35.82$
-3D version 40€/44.77$
-Everything 72€/80.59$

I will not release new brushes for a while - 2022 roadmap

General / 10 January 2022

Hi, everybody.

Unfortunately I will not be able to create new brush packs for a while. 

I started the year with a pretty bad otitis that put me in bed for practicaly a week, right now I'm able to at least stay seated. Just today I was able to see a doctor, worst case scenario happened, a fully broken eardrums.

I don't know when I will make a full recovery. So, honestly I don't know when I will be able to release new brush packs...

I will use this time to think a little bit more on what I can give to you, to help you creating more awesome art. If you have any kind of input please put a comment below or send a message, I will use them.

My intentions where this

  • Releasing a watercolor brush pack for the middle of february, I never found a good enough watercolor brush pack... So, I said :" it's time to do it by myself"
  • Releasing a dry media brush pack for April circa (Charcoal/Pencils/chalk)
  • Releasing the first brush pack of my All Modular CSP project, practically I found a system to create a fully modular approach to creating backgrounds. From landscapes to Cities. My plan was to release it for Summer 2022 circa.

Those are the W.I.P. I'm doing right now, projects for which I still need to figure out solutions to some problems:

  • A fully 3D posable character with swappable 3D faces. Meaning that the expression will not be a texture but a fully fledged 3D expression.
  • Releasing my first 3D kit for my All Modular CSP project.
  • Creating an easy to use Geometry Nodes for Blender for procedural Buildings/Landscapes. (Plus a guide on how to import them correctly obviously)

Christmas sales everybody! And a new brush pack!

News / 24 December 2021

Merry Christmas to everybody!
The only period in time in which you're justified to eat a lot and not feel bad about yourself  ( ͡ °  ͜ʖ ͡° ) 

It's the holydays! And to stay in theme I offer a 30% discount on every  digital purchase from here until 31 december.
Just put as a coupon code BUNNYSMAS and you will have the discount!

Plus I want to announce that I have released a new brush pack a Marker brush pack.

Plus I've just updated my Kitbash Kit for CSP - Simple House on my Gumroad page. It's on gumroad because it's a total of 2GB of free stuff... Yes... 2gb of FREE stuff.